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By middle age, women are prone to urinary incontinence, do 3 more things to relieve the symptoms

  • Par ndenjo
  • Le 09/04/2021
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When it comes to incontinence, many people will feel embarrassed because it is not only a matter of personal privacy, but also involves a person's face. Who does not love face, there will be people who know that they can not control the urine, it is a shame and humiliating thought. It is especially a problem that is only experienced by older people and may now occur after the age of 45. Maybe just laughing too much can lead to symptoms of incontinence. The most embarrassing part is that wet pants are out of control before going to the bathroom. So, what are the causes of urinary incontinence?

1, multiple births


Often heard people say that women need to give birth to their own children is that we went on a trip to the ghost gate, it can be seen how much damage a child birth to women. Some more than just give birth to such an educational child, her body development suffered even more damage. When a woman has a child, her uterus and pelvis are squeezed and torn, causing her to lose function. By the time a woman reaches the age of 45, depending on her constitution, some people become incontinent. It is especially concerning that women who give birth naturally are more prone to urinary incontinence than women who give birth by cesarean section.

2, more body fat

After women are 45 years old, the reduction of estrogen in the body can cause endocrine disorders and obesity. Having a lot of fat in the body can affect the health of blood vessels, and more fat in the stomach can press on the bladder, leading to high bladder pressure and inability to store urine leading to incontinence. And women with low estrogen will also be more prone to menopause and menopause, and being in a cranky bad mood all year round will affect lead to a weakened Chinese nervous system and sensitive bladder muscle mass, which cannot listen to the brain's instructions before incontinence occurs.

3, mental stress

Nowadays, women are professional women, the pressure of work and life is great, which can lead to tension and anxiety. At this time, the body is in a highly tense state and bladder contraction is affected. So some people just move a lot, or cough a little, and then they become incontinent. So no matter what happens, keeping a stable mind can help prevent it.

Here are three other things women can do to help relieve incontinence

One, first of all, if you want to improve your incontinence, you should first determine your urination schedule. You can go to the bathroom once every 3 hours, regardless of whether you need to urinate or not. This will make the time of urination fixed. You can also go to the bathroom more often to reduce the pressure on your bladder. But before that, you should be aware of the medications you are taking, which can cause incontinence, and avoid urinary incontinence.

Secondly, if you want to improve the symptoms of incontinence first, the second thing is to drink less alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks, tea and water. Because they all produce urine, increase the frequency of urination and affect the health of the kidneys.

Thirdly, the last thing to say is that people who are relatively obese should pay attention to weight loss, control diet and exercise, and burn body fat. Or we insist on doing the pelvic floor for exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles of patients.

As women age, it is inevitable that they will develop urinary incontinence due to dysfunction. Don't feel ashamed and put up with it while putting yourself under pressure. In fact, this is not only a normal condition, but China insists on doing the above to develop some things to relieve the incontinence situation, which can be effectively improved by getting more female teachers after 45 years old.

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