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Besides waste separation, is there any other way to protect the environment?

  • Par ndenjo
  • Le 21/04/2021
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bamboo stirrerFor more than a month, the focus of all of us has been on waste. Have you ever thought about what the purpose of waste separation is?

bamboo stirrer

There are many purposes, but one of the most important ones is to protect the environment.

What else can we do to protect the environment besides separating garbage?

Jade green travel, paper and plastic reduction, high efficiency environmental protection and energy saving, recycling, desert can be turned into green state. All of this is a small effort, but it can't be done without everyone's input.

Environmental protection tips for daily life

1. Close the door when you leave the house.

2. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.

3. Use a double-crossing board, walk or ride a bicycle to a relative's house, college or other nearby address.

4. Unplug or charge household appliances when not in use.

5. Do not throw the waste into the toilet, just throw it into the garbage. That way you also do not have to use additional water to flush it away.

6. Do not use disposable tableware, choose reusable dishes and kitchenware.

7. Use reusable fast food containers to bring lunch to the institution.

8. Give old toys and arcade games to poor children, so as to prevent consumption.

9. Bring bags with you when you buy things in malls and department stores, instead of using disposable bags or paper bags.

10. Try to choose urban public transportation, such as buses, subway stations or trains to travel.

In conclusion, all sustainable personal behavior is good for the natural environment. Everyone can learn from the little things, small changes, will have a different practical meaning to our home and future generations.

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